Seth Eisen/Eye Zen Presents and collaborators bring to life research and performance excerpts from their newest project, (a collaboration with Shaping SF) called OUT of Site-- a series of queer history performance-driven walking tours through the streets of San Francisco. These performative tours explore the ways that queer people have historically created community, how our communities have adapted over time, and ways we might sustain and nurture our historical and cultural queer essence. Predating New York’s Stonewall riots with the country’s first homeless queer youth movement, Vanguard of the 1960s and the Compton’s Cafeteria riots; popular American dances have roots in cross-dressing Gold Rush stag dances and early gay clubs; Charles Warren Stoddard the 19th century out gay author of early SF bohemian literati; the life of late 19th century transgender writer and social activist Jack Garland and the infamous queer gathering spots of the prohibition era Pansy Craze will bring to life a gay San Francisco that reveals new ways to envision and preserve queer heritage.
Coming to San Francisco 2018

Join Shaping San Francisco and Seth for: Art & Politics: Seth Eisen "OUT of Site", November 8th, 2017